We Need Your Help to Plan Events!


Catholic Utah Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit started by a few passionate Catholics with a mission of Educating and Building Community for Utah Catholics.  Our primary ministry is to host a speaker series, called Theology Uncorked, to educate adults about their Catholic Faith.  We are inviting nationally known Catholic speakers to a casual restaurant setting with appetizers, drinks, and engaging theological discussions.  We have already expanded our ministry to include volunteer opportunities and we eventually hope to include family events, Catholic book club, and other faith and community-building events. 

 We are independent of the diocese and not receiving money from our parishes.  We are fully dependent on donations for this ministry.  Each speaking event costs $2000-$4000 to organize and we dream of hosting 3-4 speakers per year.  Some things to think about when considering your donation:

· $10/month is enough to cover the cost of a hotel for 1 speaker.

· $20/month is enough to cover the cost of the flight for 1 speaker.

· $25/week is enough to cover the deposit to book 1 speaker.

· $50/week is enough to cover the speaking fees for 1 speaker.  

Please pray and consider supporting our ministry.  We understand you are being asked for donations everywhere you turn, but please think about supporting a ministry that is truly Catholic, reaching out to serve you, and has the potential to build a beautiful Catholic community for the future in Utah.